Renewable Energy Policy Advisory

Renewable energy policy advisory

In the face of the global climate crisis there is an increasing commitment to decarbonise the global economy. This is highlighted by a shift towards renewable energy sources in the energy transition. Energy transition is the process of reducing reliance on fossil fuel across the economy and moving toward greater use of cleaner energy sources such as renewables. Decarbonising the power sector will require reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, while accelerating the deployment of clean and emission-free energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydro, at an unprecedented scale. With the steep drop in the cost of solar and wind energy over the last decade and the more recent technological advances in the energy storage system, the technical and economic barriers to an electricity grid that is powered by 100% renewable energy at a low cost have been overcome. This makes the power sector one of the sectors that are deemed to be the easiest and fastest to decarbonise.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future by providing expert guidance and support to governments, cities, and businesses in the adoption of strategies, policies, legislation, and regulations related to renewable energy, climate change, and sustainable development. Through our tailored consulting services, capacity building programs, and thought leadership, we aim to drive systemic change and empower our clients to achieve their environmental and economic goals.


How we can serve you  

We assist governments, cities, and businesses in the adoption of strategies, policies, legislations, and regulations, related to renewable energy, climate change and sustainable development. We cover a wide range of areas, including:

Assisting renewable energy policy development: Renewable energy policy advisory services can help governments and organizations develop policies and strategies to promote the adoption of renewable energy. This may include identifying renewable energy targets, developing renewable energy incentives, and creating policies to support renewable energy deployment.

Informing regulatory framework to accelerate the energy transition: Assisting regulators to undertake cost-benefit or technical analysis of pertaining renewable energy, in particular to distributed renewable energy generation and prosumers.

Designing clean energy programs: We assist governments, cities and organizations in the design and implementation of clean energy programs and in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

Providing technical analysis to make informed decisions: We provide technical expertise to evaluate the feasibility of renewable energy projects. This may include assessing the potential for renewable energy resources, evaluating the performance of renewable energy technologies, and identifying technical solutions to overcome barriers to renewable energy deployment.


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