Auroville Greenhouse Gas Accounting Report (FY 2018-2019)

Auroville GHG emissions inventory report (FY18-19)

Auroville, a universal township in south India, has taken significant steps towards conscious and sustainable living since its inception over 50 years ago. These steps include research and implementation of climate responsive and green architecture, appropriate technologies in energy, waste and water management, organic farming and food production, and ecological restoration.

A conceivable next step in its evolution is to take inventory of its emissions in order to improve its ability to take effective action and monitor progress. The hope is that this report creates awareness in Auroville to help it create a robust roadmap with a reduction and mitigation strategy. Although consumption patterns for some sectors have been tracked by Auroville for many years, it is the first time that an emission inventory has been compiled. This report (for financial year 2018-19) may therefore serve as a baseline for similar exercises in the subsequent years. With the 2018-19 numbers as a baseline, Auroville will be able to design strategies and action plans towards emission reduction.

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