Aravind Eye Hospital Electricity Emission Inventory Report

Climate change has come to the fore as a key sustainable development issue. This had led companies across the world to develop effective strategies to mitigate its impact. The first step for most companies is to have a detailed understanding of its GHG emissions, which helps them identify reduction opportunities and thereby improve operational efficiency, prepare for future climate policies and communicate their commitment to key stakeholders, such as customers and investors.

Aravind Eye Hospital, an eye care chain in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, renowned for its resource efficiency and social impact, has also taken long strides in minimising their impact on the environment. Through this report, the hospital wanted to assess the emissions from its different electricity consumption sources, namely grid, solar and diesel generators in order to explore potential possibilities of reduction. 

Following an analysis of electricity consumption, the study goes on to explore scenarios that make generating and storing renewable electricity financially viable for all the hospital’s needs, covering a span of 25 years to further bring down their electricity emissions giving the hospital tangible means towards carbon neutrality.

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